Case Study Of Andrew County Sheriff's Department

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Hello, I am Deputy Daniel L. Glidden of the Andrew County Sheriff’s Department. We are seeking donations in order to assist our K9 Unit when purchasing a new K9 and equipment. With your contributions, you will be helping Andrew County Sheriff’s Department support the K9 program, a phenomenal tool to be utilized.
My current partner, K9 Jak, is an 11-year-old Belgian Malinois. The Sheriff’s Department purchased Jak a little over a year ago from a Sheriff’s Department in Utah. Jak is trained to detect narcotics such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines. Jak has assisted in numerous felony and misdemeanor drug arrests in the past year. Drugs have a large negative impact on the residents in our county, and not just the obvious direct
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We utilize Jak’s tracking abilities in many ways. Jak is trained to track ground disturbance odor, which is not used solely for finding criminals. With this in mind, we can utilize his tracking abilities when locating a missing person. Most commonly, though, we utilize him when tracking fleeing subjects. Without the support of Jak, we might not have brought suspects to justice. Our K9 is also trained in criminal apprehension, meaning if extenuating circumstances arise, Jak is trained to apprehend (bite) a suspect. Most people hear Jak when on a call which also provides a deterrent for further criminal activity. In addition, Jak can serve as my backup. Some nights it is only Jak and I protecting the citizens of Andrew County. In this case he’s my only backup until a Savannah PD officer can make it to my location, which may take a while if I am in the northern portion of the county. It is also important to note that Jak would also serve as the first line of defense in extreme situations that would be too dangerous for an officer to perform like a hostage situation and an armed subject resisting arrest, among others.
Consequently, Jak is one of the greatest tools we have at our disposal in our department because of all the various situations in which he can be utilized. Jak’s days of being my partner are sadly coming to an end due to his old age, which is equal to approximately 82 human years old.

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