Case Study : Mellon Csr Fellowship Application Essay

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BNY MELLON CSR FELLOWSHIP APPLICATION 1. Name 2. Address 3. Phone Number 4. Email Address 5. Please Upload your Resume in PDF Format
6. What are the skills and expertise you bring to the BNY Mellon CSR Fellows Program? Education Legal Writing Finance Marketing Engineering Government Public Relations Other (please specify)
Engineering Marketing Writing Education

7. Please describe your skills and expertise checked above and how they directly relate to Corporate Social Responsibility?
Education - I have always been passionate about teaching and education in general. I have volunteered to teach poor and underprivileged kids in India unofficially. Taking initiative, I have tutored and mentored over 15 children from financially weak backgrounds from ages 7-15 in Math, Science, Computers and Regional languages apart from general studies and helping with personal development activities on a regular basis. Besides this, I have always been enthusiastic about giving seminars on the functioning if the IT industry and career guidance from an industry perspective as well as speaking as a guest speaker both in my high school as well as my under graduate institution. Being a patient, fluent and able communicator well versed in math, science and computers, I am proud to have been able to impart my knowledge to children from a variety of backgrounds and who are on various levels of learning.

Writing - I have had a long tryst with writing, be it creative pieces ranging from poetry, short…

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