Case Study : Lars And Pollution Essay

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Case 12: Lars and Pollution

Who has moral responsibility for deciding what to do?

In this case we are introduced to Lars Olsen, the current CEO of Electronic Manufacturing Incorporated (EMI). Lars is faced with the ethical dilemma of deciding what to recommend to the board with regards to reducing the cost of recycling their electronic products. EMI is a large manufacturer of wireless mobile devices located in Berengaria, along with all of their consumers. The Berengarian government has recently put into place new environmental legislation, which holds electronic manufacturers responsible for the recycling of any toxic waste found in their products. This legislation outlines that the manufacturers are still legally responsible for the proper recycling practices of their products even after their customers have bought them, meaning that EMI must charge their distributors, and therefore their customers, an expensive yet refundable retainer. On top of this, the manufacturers also must assume the costs of recycling their products. The combination of charging customers a retainer, and inheriting recycling costs will undoubtable cause a drop in sales and an increase in costs. While Lars’ job requires him to recommend to the board a way to minimize recycling costs, the final decision will be put to a vote and decided by the entire board. At the moment, they are only considering two options. The first option the board was considering was to locate their recycling facility in…

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