Case Study : Just One Little Slip Essay

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Case #2: Just one little slip
1. Does Charlene have a good argument that she is a contractual employee and that the company has a relationship with her that is controlled by either express or implied terms? Explain your answer. A contractual employee is a person who signed a contract before starting to work. Charlene Fisher has a very strong argument that she is a contractual employee. A contract is defined as “an agreement, upon sufficient consideration, to do or not to do so particular thing” (Willis 185). A contract consists of five components. There has to be 1) an agreement 2) consideration 3) legal capacity to contract 4) lawful subject matter and 5) genuine consent to the contract. In this scenario, after Charlene gave an interview she was given an offer. She received a letter of confirmation from the Vice President of Top Cat’s and the offer stated that she would be offered an employment contract from year to year as long as her performance was satisfactory. She also received the employee handbook and benefit plans. She accepted the offer and decided to move to Richmond to where the company was located. This shows that an offer was made and Charlene accepted it. Consideration existed in this scenario as when Charlene took the offer she was given benefits and a salary increase every year. In exchange for her work, she was paid and given company benefits. The scenario does not mention that Charlene and Ron McCoy, the vice president, are not capable of entering in a…

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