Advantages Of Quasi-Experimental Design

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Maurice M. Belcher Sr.
Dr. Emmet Fritch

1. Jackson (2012) even-numbered Chapter Exercises, p 360

Question 2.

The psychology professor implemented weekly quizzes to only one section of the introductory psychology class to see if it would improve student learning. I would recommend a nonequivalent control group posttest only design for this quasi experiment because the nonequivalent control group is added as a comparison group in a random manner (Jackson, 2012).
Question 4.

The possible confounds identified in this case study include the control and potential confounds that are due to the human variability. In this case study the psychology professor used humans as an experiment to see if the quizzes would improve
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Major disadvantages include construction of non-equivalent groups and threat to internal validity (Bradley, 2017). Lack of random assignment of participants is the fundamental weakness of a quasi-experimental design. It is a weakness because it leads to construction of non-equivalent groups. Although this is a disadvantage, but it does not always matter because of the wide range of advantages that make it superior to experimental design from many …show more content…
Explain and give examples of how the particular outcomes of a study can suggest if a particular threat is likely to have been present.
In this case particular outcomes of this study can suggest if a particular threat is likely to have been present by the following: Threat to validity is always there in research studies where special measures are not taken to address the likely threats.
• Threats to external validity are any factors that can lead you to make an incorrect generalization from the results of your study to other persons, places, times, or settings. You study could be challenged by critics that the results of your study were due to unusual type of people, or the place the study was conducted from generalization from population being studied (Trochim, Donnelly, & Arora

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