Case Study: Determining Status Of Mobile Unit

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- Determining status of mobile unit…

- Beginning complete overview…

-Analysis: Minimal damage, unit requires brief charge

-Overview: Unable to procure a source for charge, contact with peaceful Creators or Shepard-Commander unavailable

-Self Destruct?

-Consensus being reached…

-Consensus status interrupted

-Charge accumulating…

The Geth found themselves standing up facing the one they had been looking for. Behind a barrier albeit but nonetheless standing in front of Shepard Commander. His arms were crossed over his chest as he took in the mobile platform.

"Can you understand me?" Shepard Commander spoke slowly as if they couldn 't understand his language.

"Yes." Simple question. Simple answer.

"Are you going to attack me?"

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But I 've met other Geth."

-Shepard-Commander moves out of curiosity and slight irritation

-Mimicking movements

-Correct Shepard-Commander 's assumption of meeting Geth, assumption of Commander is incorrect

"We are all Geth, and we have not met you."


"You are Shepard. Commander. Alliance. Human. Fought Heretics. Killed by Collectors. Rediscovered on the Old Machine."

-Surprised reaction

-Shepard-Commanders blood pressure increased 5%

-Achieving consensus…

-Shepard-Commander in no immediate danger, normal Human reaction

"You seem to know a lot about me."

"Extranet data sources. Insecure broadcasts. All organic data sent out is received. We watch you."

"You watch me or you watch
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We oppose the Old Machines. Shepard-Commander opposes the Old Machines. Shepard-Commander opposes the heretics. Cooperation furthers mutual goals."

"You want to join us? Fine." The kinetic barrier around them came down as Shepard took a step back. "What do I call you?"

-Name implies individual

-Geth are not individuals


"I mean you. Specifically."

-Shepard-Commander gesturing towards mobile platform, inquiring name of mobile platform

-Mimic gesture while answering said inquiry

"We are all Geth."

"What is the name of the individual in front of me called?"

"There is no individual. We are Geth. There are currently 1,183 programs active within this platform."

-AI on board ship analyzing system

-Preparing to resist hack attempt and return hacking if necessary

"My name is Legion, for we are many."

"That seems appropriate."

-Acquiring source of data…

-Researching religions of sentient beings in galaxies…

-Quote Found…

-Legion: division of Roman army usually consisting of 3,000 to 6,000

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