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Raul García
Gustavo Victoria
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Crepes & Waffles a chain of restaurants born of the idea of two young business administration university students, Beatriz Fernandez and Eduardo Macia, who had the vision to create a business in which they only believed. “We are not in the food business but rather in the business of art. Our job is to interpret our client’s dreams and make them come true” 1

Be an admired company for serving healthy art with love and joy at reasonable prices.
Be the leader in its industry promoting a sense of ownership among its customers, employees, and the community in general
Crepes & Waffles was born as a
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other competitors, 5 differentiated) 3. Quality (1 avg quality, 5 highest quality) 4. Price (1 lowest priced, 5 highest price) 5. Service (1 avg, 5 highest level)

Despite the fact that the closer competitors, Archies and Karen´s present attractive propositions and successful stories, both compete in the pizza business while C&W serves a unique menu not addressed by any other relevant competitor.
Local companies still dominate the foodservice industry in Colombia. All of the above mentioned competitors are of local nature.

Crepes & Waffles offers a low to medium budget menu with a lot of variety, including, crepes, salads, pitas ( a type of pizza like bread with toping on top), soups, and the all famous "Pane Cook" (which is a large round bread without the inner dough, and filled with your choice of meal and sauce, for example curry calamari). C&W also offers an extensive dessert menu, including, crepes, waffles, ice creams, mini waffles, and even special ice creams for children (shaped like mickey mouse and the sort).
The menu which appears simple has been well thought out to appeal to local tastes. Innovation in introducing new varieties of crepes, waffles and desserts is always relevant while maintaining the highest cost/benefit equation.
The quality of raw materials and standards of preparation are also key to their successful menu. From the development of a new product, the control

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