What Is A Cognitive Or Affective Neuroscience?

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I started watching true crime documentaries with my mother when I was in elementary school. After each episode, I was left wondering if there was something different about the brains of the people that commit crimes. I researched the topic and found mixed theories about the typical mind of a criminal. I found much diversity in criminal’s mental backgrounds; some were psychopaths, some were sociopaths, and some were no different from average. I continued to be fascinated with the human mind and started to become aware of the differences that I recognized in the behavior of people I see every day. Through observing people of different races and ages, such as my Puerto Rican father and my African American mother and my siblings, I noticed them …show more content…
The graduate program, Cognitive and Affective Nueroscience, at Rice University encompasses interest on the topic of emotional regulation and its impact on mental health. On the faculty page of the Psychology department, I noticed that Dr. Bryan Denny was researching said topic and I am interested in working with him. My interest also spans to a curiosity about the impact that cultural upbringing has on emotional regulation skills. I believe that I have the qualities required for Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience because I have been able to learn about emotion regulation and development throughout my courses in the education department and child and family studies department. I have also observed emotion regulation and development through working as a Teaching Associate, Teacher’s Assistant in a summer camp, and Library Assistant in the Learning Resource Center. It is my curiosity and empathy that make has led me to search for a career in psychology. My ultimate goal is to use the knowledge I gain from research to become a Marriage and Family Therapist that educates families about how to have the healthiest dynamic they can. It is my belief that Rice University will continue my growth as a learner and researcher and help me achieve my ultimate

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