Case Study : Clarice And Her Husband Essay

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Unit III Assignment

Case Study: Clarice and her Husband

1.What kind of associated stressor was the doctor talking about and how could you as a nurse help Clarice and her family deal with the situation?

The associated stress the doctor was talking about is that Clarice finds out her kidneys are severely damaged for poorly managed diabetes, she also finds out she is in the last stage of end stage renal failure. Another stress is that renal dialysis is needed to prolong life after diagnosis of ESRD. Kidney transplant is also mentioned as a treatment option for Clarice condition, and her families can live with this for a long time. Also, a surgical implant of arteriosclerosis fistula in her left arm is another stress that will be looked at in future. As a nurse, I will help Clarice and her family find a support group, provide education regarding management of her diabetes, dialysis, fistula and transplant. I will ask them in a calm and quiet tone if I can help with any thing at the moment and also allow them some time to process the information as it can be overwhelming.

2. How would you help her and her family cope in a positive way with the many life- style adjustments that would be required not only by dialysis?

I will help Clarice and her family cope in a positive way with the many life-style adjustment that would be required in the following ways; firstly, I will encourage Clarice and her husband to express their feelings, concerns and clarify…

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