Essay on Case Study : Business Strategy For Starbucks

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Business Strategy

Campbell et al. (2002) describe business strategy as a ‘’set of theories, frameworks, tools and techniques geared towards achieving and sustaining superior performance.’’
(p. 14) When returning to Starbucks in 2008, Howard Schultz had a clear vision in regards to altering various business strategies seen throughout the organisation. (Hanna, 2014) One of the strategic changes applied was to ensure the original business core values were altogether revisited throughout as to ensure that Starbucks would return to its original roots. (Hanna, 2014)

Employee satisfaction has long remained a key priority at Starbucks with Schultz once remarking, ‘’these people are not only the heart and soul but also the face of the company.’’ (Larson, 2008, p. 27) As part of an overall business strategy, Starbucks is determined to ensure that employee welfare is a top priority throughout the business. When undergoing various structural and strategic changes throughout 2008, one key change was that of ensuring that health care benefits were implemented for employees. (Hanna, 2014)

For Starbucks an essential aspect in relation to defining effective business strategies throughout the organisation is gaining competitive advantage and ensuring that strategic remedies are in place as a means of combatting high competition seen in the wider coffee industry. (Lautenslager, 2007) In today’s competitive marketplace, it is vital for an organisation to gain full competitive…

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