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To: Mario DiPonetti, ASIB
Re: Google Scholar
Submitting Abstracts to Google Scholar

Google Scholar requires some strict guidelines for inclusion. ASIB will need to ensure all documents are formatted correctly on their website to be considered for inclusion on Google Scholar. I have outlined some of the requirements below. For more detailed information on specific requirements, visit Google Scholars website at

Guidelines 1. Visitors (or search robots) must be able to freely view abstracts without the need to sign in, install software, accept disclaimers, dismiss popup
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Annals of International Business Journal
With the journal’s academic focus, I would recommend the Digital Fee-For-Content Revenue Model (Schneider, 2006). This is recommended for companies owning the rights to the information on their own website. ASIB can sell subscriptions to visitors to access the journal articles. Since this journal’s primary audience is academia, I would recommend having PDF versions of the articles for them to be easily downloaded for research purposes. ASIB’s estimated cost for creating PDFs is $1,000 per issue and $500 per month for staff time and costs. This amounts to $10,000 per year.
I would also recommend offering abstracts through Google Scholar to increase traffic to ASIB’s website. Paid subscriptions can be promoted to those wishing to read full journal articles. I recommend instituting a two-tiered subscription model; ASIB’s annual subscription as well as a “Pay-to-Read” subscription. This model will provide additional revenue from those primarily seeking articles for research purposes.
I feel the PDFs will all but make the print version obsolete. ASIB could see a significant reduction in costs ($39,600 per year) by no longer offering the print versions. Although this may alienate some subscribers who prefer a printed copy over the PDF, I feel the majority would welcome the ease in use of the PDFs. Subscribers can print the PDFs if they feel the need to have a print version to review. With the savings on printing, I would recommend

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