Pleasant Grove Animal Hospital Case Analysis

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Pleasant Grove Animal Hospital (PGAH), owned by Dr. Stacey Herndershott, is a full service animal hospital that opened their doors in 2010. They are located at 4307 McKnight Road in Texarkana, Texas, and they just closed on a satellite clinic in New Boston, Texas. They provide routine preventative care, early detection and treatment of diseases, as well as complete medical and surgical care (Interview).
Environmental Analysis
Social Trends
One social trend which has had an impact on society is the humanization trend. “Pet owners treat their pets like children and are highly receptive to products similar to the ones they use for themselves" (Gazdik, 2014). "In fact, caring for a pet 's health is the most powerful trend within the industry"
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It has several animal hospitals in close proximity of one another offering a wide range of the same veterinary services and procedures which keeps them in competition with one another. Competition isn 't necessarily bad, it helps keep costs down and forces businesses to do the best they can, (Intile, 2015).
Resource Analysis
Pleasant Grove Animal Hospital’s staff is dedicated to providing quality health care as well as helping pet owners understand the best way to care for their pets. Not only does the clinic provide medical services, they also offer an array of services such as: grooming, boarding, medication and pet supplies. They have some of the best technology available, such as a triad surgical unit and a full diagnostic clinic which allows them to produce digital x-Rays, digital dental x-rays and ultra sounds (Interview).
At this time Dr. Hendershott has not provided financial records, so a financial analysis cannot be performed. Since there is no access to the financial records of their competitors it is impossible to compare the company to the industry.
S.W.O.T Analysis
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• By making sure equipment and skills are kept up to date, the clinic will be able to ensure they offer service that customer want and need and that other clinics may not offer.
• The clinic offers several products can be ordered from their online store.
• Their site has a pet library that offer an array of pet medical information.
• Decreased crude oil prices and unemployment rate are increasing consumer’s disposable income.
• Technological and mobile advances offer on the spot communication between businesses.
• A threat Pleasant Grove Animal Clinic faces is that more traditional pharmacies, such as Wal-Mart and online pharmacies offer to fill pet medication; often at lower prices than veterinarian clinics.
• There are several vet clinics in Texarkana that they have to compete with.
• Customers may choose a clinic offering the same procedures for lower prices.
• Increasing interest rates make it more difficult to borrow money to support operations.
• Change in consumer attitudes toward pet health.
• Upcoming election could result in unplanned political factors for veterinary medicine.
• Local competitors acquiring newer equipment, adding more services, at lower

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