Case Study : Aguilar V. Felton

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The Lemon Test- Aguilar v. Felton (1985). Was a federal program that paid New York City public school teachers to provide remedial instruction to students who lived in low-income neighborhoods. The teachers delivered these services at public and private schools, a substantial number of which were religious. Aguilar required the government to monitor whether the government-funded teachers incorporated religious content into their secular instruction.
Slander- CBS Slander Case Goes To Jury In Los Angeles- The monthlong trial involving a doctor who sued Dan Rather and CBS for slander over a segment of ''60 Minutes'' that linked him to insurance fraud went to the jury today. In his closing argument, William Vaughn, a lawyer for CBS, said the doctor, Carl A. Galloway, ''was up to his nose in illegality'' at the Manchester West clinic.
Obscenity- Miller vs California- In 1971, Marvin Miller, an owner/operator of a California mail-order business specializing in pornographic films and books, sent out a brochure advertising books and a film that graphically depicted sexual activity between men and women. The brochure used in the mailing contained graphic images from the books and the film. Five of the brochures were mailed to a restaurant in Newport Beach, California. The owner and his

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