Case Study #1: Trade and Technology Essay

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Global Business Environment
Case Study #1: Trade and Technology

You have just been hired by Unique Greetings, the largest manufacturer and distributor of customized greeting cards in Ireland. Having just received your FITT Certified International Trade Professional designation, you are thrilled to have landed the position of International Marketing Manager for Unique Greetings. Your dual specialization in international business and information technology make this your dream job and you are grateful for this opportunity to launch Unique Greetings into the world of international business.
The president of the company has tasked you with your first assignment. She explains that the company received a large order last
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Development of an E-Business Plan
As you are new to the company, the first step is to get to know the business as well as you can. In order to assess the requirements for the company’s online presence, you will need to become intimately acquainted with the products and services, systems and processes, personnel and management team, marketing and distribution channels, as well as budgeting and accounting procedures. The following are the results of your research:
Evaluation of current website
• Current website is primarily an “electronic brochure”
• There is no functionality to allow online purchasing transactions
• Good product photos can readily be used
• Website is in English only

Rationale for e-business
• Increase international customer base
• Facilitate online transactions
• Keep international marketing costs to a minimum

Management and personnel
• Limited knowledge of best uses of technology in business systems and processes
• View technology as risky business—putting product photos on the web increases chances of violation of intellectual property rights
• Have limited time to learn about new ways of doing business

Marketing Strategy
• Good marketing and distribution throughout wholesale and retail chains in Ireland
• No knowledge of international distribution channels or competitors
• No knowledge of international pricing, fluctuating currencies, etc.

• Hardware and software

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