case studies week 6 Essay

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Nursing Informatics
Case Studies Week 6

Introduction to Informatics
A client arrives in the emergency department with shortness of breath and complaining of chest pain. Describe how informatics can help nurses and other health care providers to more efficiently and effectively care for this client.
Hebda, & Czar (2013), define Medical as the use of information and computer technology to support all aspects of nursing practice. An informatics can be used to help nurses and other health care providers to perform a particular job create a computer program for the department. For example, the computer program for the emergency department will allow the nurse to click on the patient’s signs and symptoms. Next, the program will give
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No one is allowed to wear gloves while using the computer.
After a month, the infection disease department can retest the work area for a reduction of the bacteria.

Barnes, S. & Weaver, T. (2011 March 07) Overview: infection prevention and control for computers in patient care areas. Retrived from

Accurate Data Entry
Agnes Gibbons was admitted through the hospital’s emergency department is congestive heart failure. During her admission she was asked to verbally acknowledge whether her demographic data were correct. Ms. Gibbons did so. Extensive diagnostic test were done, including radiology studies. It was later discovered that all of Ms. Gibbon’s information had been entered into another client’s file. How would you correct this situation? What departments or other agencies would need to be informed of this situation?
If the is entered electronically, the data has to be corrected in several different places. First, the supervisor of the emergency department needs to notify of the error. Next, the business office needs to notified, so the patient can be given an account and the charges on other patient can be cancelled. Then, each department need to be notified to charge the correct patient for the test. Also, any other department that might interface with the hospital medical records needs to be notified because the changes in the system might not change automatically. Finally, the supervisor

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