Belvedere Trading Case Study

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Belvedere Trading is a company that develops high end trading software to help their traders in the field. This sort of technology must be efficient to stay ahead of the game. This flows right into their mission statement, “To invest in the continuous improvement of our skills and technologies in order to identify and capitalize on trading opportunities in an ever-changing global marketplace.” The marketplace never stops changing, it takes a lot of people and their input to come up with ideas quickly. While they have over 200 employee’s it says in the culture section of their website, “We believe in the absence of barriers to communication and the maintenance of our small company culture.” For ideas to flow freely and employees to
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Everything is done in a team setting to help ideas flow freely. For all of this to get done they look for a lot of different qualities in a future intern: Great worker in a team setting, attention to detail, effective communication skills, experience with the development process, high understanding of an object-oriented programming language, and working towards a degree in computer science or software engineering. They expect that you are interested in the field they are associated with, which means you have an entrepreneurial mindset and are very goal …show more content…
Notable things I have done in my professional career include: working on a 6 person team to develop a new to the industry google glass application to connect to, extract data, and analyze data for a multi-billion dollar corporation, going through the software design process throughout my google glass project, and my competitive programming experience where I have learned to quickly problem solve and create efficient algorithms for all types of problems. All of these experiences should be expanded on in my resume. My interest in entrepreneurial activities also makes me want to work for the company, something they may find to be beneficial to their company would be the Tony Robbins business conference I attended. With my entrepreneurial background, it helps me be who I am: a goal oriented, motivated, and effective communicator. I thrive in areas relating to money, and their logical appeal regarding being a leading proprietary trading firm is very enticing to someone like me. Through research, charity is something important to the extracurricular activities of the company. Given my background and all the service I have done for my church and surrounding community, I would add more of that to my resume. Something they look for is someone who is really interested in what they do and dig deeper to understand more. Someone that isn’t okay with just getting by, but someone who always needs

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