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1. Are the corporate objectives clearly stated and do they lead logically to the marketing objectives?
Telstra is the largest telecommunication player in Australia’s market, however, the very essence of the organisation’s goals is to expand to a level where it changes the lives of a majority of Australia’s population. The company also aims to create simple tech solutions that are easy to used by everyone. It should be noted that it is hard for marketing goals to be out of line with the corporate vision as it is very generic and holds true for almost all companies, telecommunication or otherwise. (D. jyh-Fu Jeng, 2012)
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The growth of the company is sustainable as marketing concept brings.
The complete Marketing Concept integration of Telstra in their corporate goals is obvious from the following statement:
“We understand our customers want technology and content solutions that are simple and easy to use – that are why we've built networks like Australia's largest fully integrated IP network and Australia's largest and most reliable national mobile network.” -( (Telstra Corporation, 2015)
Examples of the Marketing Concept being applied are the increased 4g coverage in Australia as well as building costumer relations through focusing on promoting bundles that result in brand loyalty. Telstra also focuses on CRS activities which make it environment friendly and more sustainable as a company (Chan, Wong, Leckie, Nirmalathas, & C, 2012)).
3. What is the core marketing strategy for achieving its objectives? Is it a sound strategy?

The core marketing strategy for Telstra is a combination of innovation, growth and market dominance. Already leading in terms of telecom subscribers, Telstra’s marketing strategy focuses on introducing bundles and plans that does not only draw in more customers, but also increases the brand equity through loyalty (Stremerch & Tellis, 2001). The CSR activities practiced by the giant puts it on the good side of pressure groups as well as acts as a plus for consumers. The recent 30 percent reduction in the total carbon emissions of company’s

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