Essay about Case Incident 1: Moving from Colleague to Supervisor

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The cases are done individually. Following are the guidelines:

Your name and Metric number must be clearly typed on the COVER PAGE. The cases study answers should be neatly typed, using Times New Roman, size 12; Spacing 1.5 and justified. Please check for spelling and grammatical errors. Hard copy of the assignment must be submitted to me on the due date as indicated. The grades assigned will be based on content, effort, creativity and ORIGINALITY. I shall remind you that late submission will be awarded with ZERO mark. In the case of sickness (must produce medical certificate or in special circumstances), I may grant an appropriate extension for the cases write-up
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Mike couldn’t make it, saying that he was working that night as a member of the campus security force. In fact, he seemed to miss most meetings and would send in brief notes to Christine, which she supposed to discuss for him at the group meeting. She wondered how to deal with this. She also remembered the incident last week. Just before class started, Diane, Janet, Steve and her were joking with one another before Sandra came in. No one noticed that Mike had slipped in very quietly and had unobtrusively taken his seat.

She recalled the cafeteria incident. Two week ago, she had gone to the cafeteria to grab something to eat. She had rushed to her accounting class and had skipped breakfast. When she got her club sandwich and headed to the tables, she saw her OB group and joined them. The discussion was light and enjoyable as it always was when they met informally. Mike had come in. He’d approached their table. “You guys didn’t say you were having a group meeting,” he blurted. Christine was taken aback.

“We just happened to run into each other. Why not join us?” “Mike looked at them, with a noncommittal glance. “ Yeah… right” he muttered, and walked away.

Sandra Thiel had frequently told them that if there were problems in the group, the members should make an effort to deal with them first. If the problems could not be resolved, she had said that

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