Case Incident 1 - Levitating Iqs Essay

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Case Incident 1
Levitating IQs
Natalie Lamarche
Monroe College

According to Robins and Judge (2015) intellectual abilities are abilities needed to perform mental activities – thinking, reasoning, and problem solving (p. 53). Intelligence quotient (IQ) are controversial testes designed to ascertain a person’s general intellectual abilities (Robins et al., 2015, p.53). A substantial amount of intellectual ability is said to be inherited (Robins et al., 2015, p.62). A New Zealand political philosopher name James Flynn does research on intelligence and his resulted are called the “Flynn effect” (Wikipedia, n.d). Flynn Effect is the substantial and long-sustained increase in both fluid and crystallized intelligence test
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Due to technology advancing I believe education is therefore advancing causing the IQ test scores to raise over the years. 2.17. How do you reconcile Flynn’s recent description of the modern mind with the General Social Survey’s findings that U.S. adults preform poorly on scientific questions and aren’t knowledgeable about scientific method?
I agree with Flynn’s recent description of the modern mind. I believe as modern time has changed people’s way of thinking have changed also. I think the General Social Survey’s findings are right about adults only because of what Flynn’s recent description states. The generation coming up now are growing up with technology, learning new ways of how to solve scientific questions. Adults have already learned how to do scientific questions one way so when put to take an IQ test now they will preform poorly. Technology has added to the scientific approach people use to solve problems. 2.18. If the Flynn effect is real, does this undermine the theory that IQ is mostly inherited? Why or why not?
I believe the Flynn effect is real but I don’t think it undermines the theory that IQ is mostly inherited. I believe some of a person’s intelligence is inherited from their parent/grandparents, but not 100%. Using me as an example; my daughter is very good in math. Throughout my education, I was also very good in math and looking back further, so was my dad. My dad and I are horrible spellers but my sister and my daughter are

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