Essay on Case Commentary

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Case commentary provided on:
Do Something-He’s About to Snap by Eileen Roche
Big Shoes to Fill by Michael Beer
Bob’s Meltdown by Nicholas G. Carr
We Googled You by Diane Coutu
When Steve Becomes Stephanie by Loren Gary and Brian Elliot
Moonlighter by Bronwyn Fryer
Micromanager by Bronwyn Fryer
All the Wrong Moves by David A. Garvin
Riding the Celtic Tiger by Eileen Roche
The Best of Intentions by John Humphreys

Steve Carmody
Human Resource Management and Development MG3018


Recurring Theme
The recurring theme throughout these cases is the lack of communication and the harmful effects that it inflicts. Good communication is essential for both managerial
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Michael Beer states “the key to an effective organisation is to align the structure with strategy and at the same time to design high commitment human resource policies and practices.” MMI Fail to do this they do not have a strategy to deal with Max on the contrary the manager of Max’s department is afraid to approach Max to resolve the issue, additionally she allows rumours to escalate and impede staff performance. I am interested in Pearson’s and Porath’s proposal to “request a confidential criminal background check on Max as a precaution.” This may seem extreme however if it calms employees feeling’s of insecurity with regard to Max then I think it would be an essential measure to implement.
Clayton Christensen said “it is not a matter of finding the winner or the loser; it is a matter of uncovering the right combination of pieces to make the system work” I strongly agree with this statement and I think it relates in particular to this case. The staff needs a leader that is not looking for someone who is at fault, they need a leader that requests for her team to trust one another and work collectively. Lynn Tabor must formulate a system where her team can work together in a secure environment, to do this she must build up her courage and face Max about his behaviour around the office and try and remedy it in a friendly yet determined fashion.

What should Stephanie do: institute a basic reorganization, or re-create the Jack Donally model of strong

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