Essay about Case Analysis : Testwell Laboratories

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Testwell Laboratories, Incorporated was once one of the leading concrete testing companies for more than 20 years. Vidyasagar Reddy Kancharla, a professional engineer, owner, president and chief executive officer of Testwell Laboratories, Inc.; was indicted on October 30th, 2008 of enterprise corruption, grand larceny, scheme to defraud, offering false instruments for filing and falsification of business records. The indictment also names Vincent Barone, a professional engineer and Vice President as well as Alfred Caruso, director of concrete and masonry testing. Edward Porter, civil engineer, Michael Sterlacci, a professional engineer, Stephen Latus, a professional engineer and project manager, Wilfred Sanchez, manager of the fire code department. Latus and Sanchez were both involved in the steel inspections and revision of steel inspection reports over-billing scheme. The company itself, Testwell Laboratories, Inc. was charged with enterprise corruption as well as other charges (New York County’s District Attorney’s Office).
According to Eligon, attorney Curtis Farber, representing Mr. Sanchez said his client was blindly lumped in with others at Testwell accused of crimes. Mr. Sanchez, the manager of the fire code department was a salaried worker with no executive power. Mr. Farber stated “Time and time again, you will find yourself asking, throughout the duration of this trial, what does this have to do with Wilfred Sanchez?” According to Cesar de Castro, who represented…

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