Case Analysis : Soup King Essay

1030 Words Jun 6th, 2016 null Page
Soup King has experienced tremendous growth over the past 5 years. Modeling our own supply chain after the OGSM model, we have exceeded several corporate objectives set in our 10 year plan. With high turn-over ratios and high capacity usage driving increased revenues, there are also new concerns that must be addressed. As a company that prides itself on continuous improvement, Soup King needs to address our weaknesses and capitalize on our strengths to continue to be competitive in this industry. Before Soup King can build upon our strengths, there are vulnerabilities within our supply chain that must be addressed. First, our supplier’s deliveries must be solved by increasing communication between them and our factories. With supply issues falling downstream on the supply chain cycle, Soup King will employ a GIS to track the movement of materials from suppliers to our facilities. This will give our company critical real-time tracking the movement of raw materials. If pattern analysis are conducted and show the transportation routes undertaken by our suppliers to be inherently flawed and unreliable, we will have to consider alternative suppliers to improve time efficiency. Following basic TQM measures, we can eliminate suppliers who do not meet our delivery standards. Using delivery times as a measurement for six-sigma, we can analyze which suppliers are having the greatest concerns. Looking at the SCOR model, we need to see the health of our supply chain where it is…

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