Case Analysis : Los Angeles County Essay

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Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department county jail has become the center of attention and has been under great scrutiny over the years. Starting in May of 2010 ACLU conducted their annual report of the LASD jails conditions. Upon their investigation ACLU reported in detail serious allegation by two inmates that both of the inmates suffered serious injuries due physical abuse by deputies. Also the investigation found that treatment for the mental ill in insider the jails were subpar and needed to be reformed. In Later that year in September ACLU returned to the jails to due a follow up investigation to see if the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department made the necessary improvements, but found that none of necessary measure for reforming the jails had taken place. In 2011 ACLU witnessed two deputies physically abusing inmate by repeatedly kicking and tasering the inmate, who motionlessly lay on the ground. After reporting what has been going on in jails and witnessing deputies gang up on inmates, the FBI opened up an investigation. The FBI’s goal of their investigation in Los Angeles County Sheriffs Jails was to gather evidence abuse and corruption. Through the federal investigation, “brutality and corruption by deputies in L.A. County jails reached the highest echelons of the Sheriff 's Department”(Chang, Rubin, & Winton, 2015). In summer of 2014, more than a dozen employees of the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department ranging from correctional officers and to…

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