Art Austin Summary

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Case Summary of “Art Austin”
Art experienced a tragedy, which traumatized him for a period of time. One night a young woman had come to his home and ask to see his son, she did not provide any information pertaining to identity. Art’s son, who lived in his basement, never came upstairs to see what the young lady wanted. As he goes back to the front door to respond to the young lady that was standing in the driveway for his son, a crowd of men bombarded him with guns and force their way into his home. Art was thrown on the floor with a gun pointed in the back of his head; they demanded that he call his son from the basement to come upstairs. The son refused. Art’s fiancée heard the commotion after taking a shower and came down stairs. She was forced to get
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The guys then shot Art’s fiancée 5 times, and then ran away. He fiancée died as a result of her gunshot wounds. The police was called, and Art was forced to remove himself from his home for 24 hours while they continued their investigation. He came back the next day and had his friends assist with the cleanup. Construct a Diagnosis
Due to this traumatic event, he reports that he stay at his mother’s house overnight and during the day he goes to his house to let his dog out and spends the day there (Ochberg, 2007). It was reported that Art is experiencing anxiety, fogginess of the brain, and insomnia. Art meet the criteria for 309.81 Post-Traumatic Stress disorder. Art meets criteria A.1, because he was exposed to a traumatic experience when a group of guys stormed into his home and held him at gunpoint and murdered his fiancée (APA, 2013) (Ochberg, 2007). Art also meets criteria B.1 he reported that when he hears the doorbell ring or his dog barking it causes him to experience anxiety (APA, 2013) (Ochberg, 2007). He also met the B.4 criteria, intense or prolonged psychological distress at exposure to internal or external cues that symbolizes or resembles an aspect of the traumatic event (APA, 2013, p.

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