Case Analysis : American Apparel Essay

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He has dodged years of sexual harassment lawsuit but was finally penalized for his wrong doings. An internal investigator claimed “ it would not be appropriate for Mr. Charney to be reinstated as CEO or an officer or employee of company” (Lee). Unfortunately this company took too long to come to the realization that he should not be a part of the company. American Apparel has suffered tremendously due to the fact that it was such a long and ongoing scandal. Although they have suffered so much, they are still trying to find ways in order to move forward from the situation Paula Schneider hired as CEO of American Apparel is now the one in charge of this task. “ The retailer wants to go from chaotic to iconic,” according to the presentation, as well as to change its frequently criticized marketing efforts from “ nudity and blatant sexual innuendo” to “ confident and expansion” (Hadley). Her plan includes to move forward with the idea that the company is still sexy but no longer offensive and also to empower her female employees as 55% of American Apparel’s workforce as women. Paula Schneider has a lot of work to do, as do we, but it is still possible to implement plans and solutions in order to move forward.
With that being said, the first step in the three solution plan will be to diminish social media harassment by implementing a no tolerance policy. All workers will be required to agree to the terms and conditions before signing documentation. The Civil Rights Act- Title…

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