Cartesian Account Of Person Identity Essay example

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Cartesian Account of Person Identity

The issue of personal identity has been a matter of concern over the years. According to Plato, a human person is a composite of a body and soul. The body ties persons to the sensible world while the mind removes them from this material world to a superior world. Whereas the body is material, the soul is immaterial in nature. The character of the soul gives it the ability to live after its separation with the body. The matter cannot exist separate from the form. This implies that a human person exists because of the soul. Therefore, this essay examines the plausibility of the Platonic conception of the identity of a human person. It will explore platonic conception of persistence and personhood as the superior qualities of a person.

The problem of persistence has raised debates among thinkers for a long time as philosophers have raised issues on what it takes for one to exist. That is what kind if things can bring once life to an end? Does the persistence of human person go beyond earthly existence? What does it mean to continue existing rather than cease to exist? In answering this question, Plato explores dedicates a lot of time to explain the difference between the body and soul as a basis for understanding human identity.

Regarding the persistence of the human person, Plato argues that a human person can only exist in a composite form i.e. when the body is in union with the soul. According to Plato, the form is the source of…

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