Carlson's Six Sigma Model

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Figure 1 underscores Carlson’s performance management framework, which is about setting a strategy, implementing the strategy, measuring the outcomes an improving where necessary. The company also executes the Closed Loop Performance Management System (CLPMS), which entails strategising, planning, monitoring, and adjusting. According to Carrie, Bititci and McDevitt, CLPMS is an approach used to optimise performance through monitoring and combining new outcomes with firm’s updated goals (2012). This works through a blend of management processes, a measurement framework and technology that encourages real-time access to functional and strategic data. 3.0 Processes and Technology
Carlson’s processes and technologies are combination of their
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Srinivasu, et al. (2010) note that six sigma is considered a methodical and scientific approach for management upgrading through the combination of four elements: customer satisfaction, human capital, method and planning. Additionally, Six Sigma provides an empirical and statistical basis for quality evaluation for all practices through measurement of quality. The Six Sigma approach permits to draw contrast among all procedures, and tells how valuable a process is. The extensive applications of Six Sigma is achievable because the company is able to articulate the advantages of Six Sigma by linking process advancement with cost savings. According to Joseph Dehler, the company’s vice president business process improvement, the company uses Six Sigma to evaluate the status of the process performance and organizational effectiveness and influence decisions related to the required changes. Implementing new technology entails having a transparent communication plan, encouraging staff to rise above resistance, and educating top executive team, workers, and consumers on the benefits of six sigma. If a company applies the six sigma appropriately, then it should not have a problem advancing productivity and increasing market …show more content…
Therefore, Carlson’s path of executing business change includes new process design, minor process improvement and significance process design. According to Pieterse, Caniels, and Homan, acquisition of technology alone does not lead to increased performance, but how the technology is integrated into the change management process (2012). An organisation’s performance relies on how the technologies are executed. Chang (2016) notes that successful execution of business processes and technology involves among other factors human resource management and strategy to improve the required skills and utilise them in the process. In any case, the success of any technology is as good as the person who programs or updates it. Additionally, use of technology and business frameworks design has increased accountability and helped close loopholes in fiscal and service terms that push for necessary improvement. Carlson’s business process and technology is at the heart of the company and the executive leadership meet at least once a month to prioritise and review technology projects for enabling business processes. Therefore, the company’s technologies ensure that project goals are met, all staff members and associates communicate

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