Essay about Caregiving Of The United States

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Caregiving is seen in many forms. In the United States, Women make up the majority of caregivers. Studies have shown that caregiving can actually compromise ones health, and that most caregivers display clinical signs of depression. These caregivers are more likely than others in their age group to take prescription medications to help with things like anxiety and depression. Although many people find caregiving rewarding, it can lead to people feeling isolated, guilty, and overwhelmed. Therefore, when patients are diagnosed with dementia, it is not only the patient that health care providers should be focused on, but also the caregivers for the patient. Nurses should take an active role in helping prevent caregiver burnout. Without a healthy caregiver, the patient will also suffer.
To help prevent caregiving from taking a toll on one’s physical and mental health, it is necessary to recognize the clues to burnout. These clues can be changes in energy, appetite, behavior, feeling stress, anger, exhausted, sleeplessness, and being irritable. Thus, any swift in these areas should not to be taken lightly. One should seek help from the doctor, or support group, to maintain their health state or a decline can occur.
Caregivers should strive to stay physically fit by exercising at least ten to thirty minutes each day to help reduce stress and prevent clues of burnout from arising. Although this may seem challenging, workouts can be incorporated into a schedule by taking advantage…

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