Alzheimer's: The Life Of Alzheimer And My Community

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Growing up as a young girl, I was very fortunate to have a family that spent their lives together, and always had a strong sense of unity. It was typical for my mother and me to spend numerous hours at my grandparent’s house, enjoying their company and making memories that will last a lifetime. My mother had been partially raised by her grandparent’s during her childhood, so she always emphasized how important it is to treasure your elders and spend all the time you can with them while you have it. This was essential to our family, as we are burdened knowing that our loved one’s will one day no longer be the same person they once were. Our family has a long history of the tragic disease known as Alzheimer’s. As it is a genetic based condition, we have long seen the suffering it brings to the one diagnosed and the people in their lives who are affected by it. This all became very real to me when I was just a young girl, my young grandfather, only 50 years old, was told the devastating news: he had Alzheimer’s. While this may seem like an expected event, the fact that he was extremely young to be diagnosed is what made it so …show more content…
This does not just pertain to one place, my community changes locations often and has many facets. Right now, I play a part in many communities: my hometown, my church, EIU, my residence hall, my household, pretty much any group that I involve myself with. The way that my town came together to support a cause that could help millions worldwide and gave them an opportunity to show support for one their own, was remarkable. In every place I endeavor to go, I hope to be involved and have a voice for my community. I want to give back and shows others that they have people around them who want them to succeed and be happy. Having the chance someday to put a light of hope in a man’s eyes, like this walk did for my grandfather, would make my life

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