Career Management of Thomas Green Essay

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|Critique Thomas Green’s Career Management |
|Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis |
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This is evident by his aggressive pursuit of a promotion to senior market specialist. Most of the people working around him have significantly more experience. He does not seem to have any insecurity about being the youngest in this position and with out any graduate training (he got his bachelor’s degree in Economics, while working in a warehouse and washing cars). His work style is independent in nature, and he is not overly concerned with detailed planning or doing a market survey. He was successful in his previous sales positions which allowed him a great deal of autonomy. He liked to work independently and believed that meeting the client face to face is better than making a powerpoint presentation. This is evident from the fact that he believed to talk though the issues with the client when they requested for presentations and hard data to backup his claims on cost savings. With his arrogant and aggressive behavior, Green expects rapid advancement in career, but is not willing to adapt his work style to his new role.

Davis, Green’s boss is a team player. This is evident from the fact that he went along with McDonald’s hiring of Green even though he was not involved in the selection. Davis like to micro-manage things and he is very detail-oriented. He likes to be informed about the activities of his subordinates and prefer to have things in writing. Davis expects commitment to be kept and his subordinates to

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