Career Exploration Through Sociology : Occupation Requirements And Outlook

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Career Exploration through Sociology
Clinical sociology is an occupation where someone takes charge to improve someone’s quality of life. As an individual in our thriving society it should be everyone’s goal to make someone’s life a little better, but clinical sociologists help assess and reduce problems through the intervention approach. Each clinical sociologist strives to use their knowledge to improve their patient’s situation and life as a whole. They have the opportunity to focus on different areas ranging from social conflict to health promotions (Careers 2003). Clinical sociologists line of work comes in many forms. They can be administrators with in the school system, mediators, or therapists. This field leaves room for specific desires of the people themself – giving them the opportunity to focus on something that really matters to them. One example of a clinical sociologist is a professor at a university who dedicates many hours to research and other intervention work (Careers 2003).
Educational requirements for this career are very open, but a solid background with a liberal arts education is key. This allows for an unyielding foundation of knowledge in all the key areas of culture through history, arts, and sciences. A master’s degree is required as well. Practicums and other internships are required to help one find which direction he/she would like to take their work. Internships give the opportunity to see the different…

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