Career Development Is The Most Essential Aspect Of Human Development

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Career development is the most essential aspect of human development. According to Donald Super, career development is a life-long process that consist of multiple roles and transitions of career behaviors from birth to death. Moreover, career behaviors occur in different stages. For instance, Super identified factors regarding to career behaviors in adolescents and young adults. These factors include planfulness, exploration, information, decision- making, and reality orientation (Herr, 1997). If I were a career counselor, I would use Super’s Life-Span-Life-Space theory and John Holland’s Personality theory with older adolescent clients. Career development is a vital process that has a significant impact on adolescent’s future well-being and social adaptation. During high school years, it is important for school counselors to help adolescents explore their career options and help them to formulate career plans that is contingent on their interests, values, and beliefs. As adolescents transition to young adulthood, career development has an impact on occupational attainment and work satisfaction.
Multiculturalism in Career Development
African-American, Latin American, and Asian American Most studies of career developmental theories incorporated White middle class individuals instead of African-Americans, Latin Americans, and Asian Americans. In African-American adolescents, work salience and vocational expectations are two imperative aspects. Diemer et al. (2010)…

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