Carbon Cycle Lab Essay

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Lab 5:



|Lesson 1: |Gaseous Carbon |Ocean Water |Fossil Fuels |Biosphere Gaseous Carbon |
|Step 1 | | | | |
|To Year |Atmosphere |Ocean Surface |Deep Ocean |Oil and Gas |Coal |Soil |Terrestrial Plants|
|2000 |700 |1000 |38000 |500 |2000 |1800 |700 |
|2050 |863 |1000 |38000 |168 |1818 |+237 |752 |
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Carbon can be transferred to soil due to gases by human |
|activity. |
|Using the data generated by the simulation, determine the mathematical relationship between the percentage increase in fossil fuel |
|consumption and the increase in atmospheric carbon. Is the relationship linear? There is not a simple linear relationship between the |
|amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the temperature at the surface of the earth. Complex mathematical relationships of the |
|earth's climate system are needed to study potential future consequences of our continued dependence on fossil-fuel energy. |
|What is the relationship between an increase in fossil fuel consumption and increased carbon in terrestrial plants? How might this |
|change flora populations? What impact could twenty years at this level of consumption have on flora? The relationship between an |
|increase in fossil fuel consumption and increase in carbon among terrestrial plants can be related to fossil fuels formed from plants |
|and animals that lived hundreds of millions of years ago and became buried way underneath the Earth’s surface where their remains are |
|transformed to combustible materials we use for

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