Essay about Capitalism And The Monopoly Effect

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Society is made up of groups of people that live in a structured lifestyle where they live by rules and regulations. The structure of society is made to keep balance among the people and their economy. Individuals living under the control of the government keep society in place. Within society there is class structure that divides the people. The bourgeoisie and the proletariat are two types of class status which are distinguished depending on their economic status in society. In the reading Rebel Cities, capitalism and the monopoly effect are described and explained in how they play a role in society. In order to analyze society and its function capitalism and the monopoly effect needs to be understood and how individuals view it.
Capitalism helps regulate the country and its people by focusing on money. Capitalism being the main purpose of this country limits people from growing since rich people are focusing on how much profit they can make by exploiting those who are poor. Economic status matters in our country in order to move forward and be considered to be an important person. The bourgeoisie are important to the United States because they own big corporations that control the world and economy. This creates a division where the bourgeoisie get all the power to do what they want and be able to get away with it even if it is bringing others down such as the proletarians.
Capitalism runs society keeping it in place by establishing limitations on certain groups of…

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