Capital Punishment : The Death Penalty Essays

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Capital Punishment Some people also know this far better as being called the death penalty, the execution of the individuals that have done some sort of wrong doing in this world, likely murder. Which also have been found guilty of their erroneous behaviors. These crimes were most likely bad enough that many people believe that the person guilty of their crime should be put to death as a control to these crimes. But there are also some people that believe capital punishment is not a respectable deed for the public. Adversaries of the death penalty regardless of what a person has done no one deserves to be put to death. But yet instead of killing them for what they have done they are better served by placing the criminal behind bars for the rest of their lives, where they can think about what they have done and do no further harm to anybody. The only way I can see this remotely making sense is when some are wrongfully accused.
Let us start with the history behind the death penalty and how it got started. It has been recorded that the death penalty laws were first started around the Eighteenth Century B.C (before Christ) in the code of King Hammaurabi of Babylon. Where if someone had committed one of about twenty-five crimes they would be sentenced to death by either drowning, being burned alive, crucifixion, impalement, and beaten to death (stoning). Around the Tenth century A.D (Anno Domini), some say after the death of Jesus, being hung was the more common form of…

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