Essay on Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished

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As many people know, there are flaws in every system created by humans due to the illusion that nothing is perfect. There are many things that could be pointed out that are wrong about the American judicial system but the most flawed concept, by far, is the capital punishment sentencing. Although courts have been accepting DNA as evidence for over two decades now, it is not always the key evidence in a conviction. More often than not, the defendant in a case is sentenced on circumstantial evidence. If capital punishment is going to be utilized it should at least be taught in Law schools nationwide rather than a brief overview, like what is happening currently. Capital Punishment should simply be abolished, not only because of the failure to have to provide adequate evidence but also the fact that it goes against the American constitution. Overall, capital punishment should not be allowed as an option in a court case due to its drastically flawed system and great possibility of executing an innocent person.
To start off, the number of human beings that have been exonerated due to DNA evidence later brought to light is astounding. Since the 1970s, over 150 people have been convicted, sentenced to death and then later exonerated (Berman 8). Knowing this information, the judicial system needs to require a stricter rule of how they accept the evidence into a court case. Evidence should be required to be hard DNA pinning the accused to the crime rather than circumstantial.…

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