Capital Punishment Is The Morality Of It Essay

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The Price of Crime Since its formation in the 1600s, there have been roughly 16,000 people executed in America (Ford 1); and as of 2007 around 3,350 people reside on death row awaiting execution (Ballaro and Cushman 1). Capital punishment, which dates back to ancient times, is the practice of executing people who have been convicted of a serious crime. In some American states, criminals who are found guilty of murder, treason, and espionage, among other offences, can be handed the death penalty. These convicts are then executed, which many find controversial. Some people believe that capital punishment is a suitable form of punishment for certain types of crimes, while others think that capital punishment is never appropriate. The most abstract argument about capital punishment is the morality of it. According to Jeffrey Bowman and Tracey M. DiLascio, the latter of whom was a judicial clerk before teaching social sciences in colleges, people who are in favor of the death penalty believe that because a criminal killed another person, they have lost the rights to their own life. Supporters believe that there are crimes that are so destructive, such as murder and espionage, that the people that carried out the heinous acts should receive the ultimate punishment (1). Bowman and DiLascio also point out that ¨murder is a horrifying, vicious crime… These killers brutally took the lives of innocent victims¨ and that the use of any type of punishment is used to compel observance of…

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