Capital Punishment Is The Legal Execution Of A Person Essay example

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For centuries, the question as to whether or not capital punishment is ethical has been debated. In the modern age, is it truly ethical to continue to execute people over a crime? Many feel that the pros to execution often outweigh the cons justifying it with the old saying “an eye for an eye”. However, others feel that capital punishment can have too many inconsistencies and mistakes as to who gets put on death row. Many also feel that the justice system has a bias toward certain types of people which shows how many people can be wrongly accused as guilty for a crime they might have not even had involvement in.
To better analyze the morality of the subject, it is important to understand what capital punishment is. Capital punishment is the legal execution of a person after they have been given a proper trial. It is used as a punishment for certain crimes. In America, it is used only in cases of homicide or murder. In other countries it can be used in those two circumstances as well as for cases of rape, adultery and treason. This form of punishment can come in various ways. People can be executed through the forms of beheading, electrocution, lethal injections and even being shot by a firing squad. These practices are not new to society but rather an age old “tradition”. Even in this day and age where there are programs to rehabilitate prisoners, modern society chooses to execute these people.
Over the years many have debated whether or not execution is a fair punishment…

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