Capital Punishment Is For The Most Serious Crimes Essay

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Capital Punishment is where convicted offenders are sentenced to death for the most serious crimes. The offenses and crimes are suitable for the death penalty. These crimes are usually crimes such as murder. Statutes that the Congress prescribes along with any state legislature defines these death sentences. When it comes to Capital Punishment, I agree with having it. The family of the victims gets closure, criminals are shown more sympathy than victims without it, and it contributes to the overpopulation problem and the escapees and parole chance. Family can finally get closure in knowing the person(s) who killed their loved one will be punished for their crime in killing. Giving these criminals prison sentences over the death penalty lets them off and justice is not really found. Imagine the man or woman that killed one of your loved one 's getting life in prison. Not only is your taxes paying for their food, clothing, etc., but imagine if they got parole or they escaped. Can you imagine the person who killed one of your loved ones free or out of prison? Would you feel safe? Do you feel that they received the proper justice?
Most people who are on death row has killed other people and that is why they are there. Giving the victim’s family a change to have closure by injecting these death row inmates with a lethal cocktail is the right thing to do. On Thanksgiving Day in 2010 Caron E. Montgomery he killed his ex-girlfriend Tia Hendricks, 31, her daughter Tahlia Hendricks,…

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