Capital Punishment And The Media Essay

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Introduction Capital punishment has been a topic of much debate for many years with very differing points of view. Much of the research done about capital punishment is based on the public opinions, making it an issue close to peoples morals and idealistic thought. The news media then caters to the leaning of the public’s morals. In dealing with capital punishment, the news media tends to focus on three different popular mentalities; the ‘eye for an eye’ mentality, punishment should fit the crime mentality, and the declaring it inhumane treatment of individuals mentality. By focusing on these three views, the media has been able to help inform the public according to the prevailing view of the individual case. In recent years, the media has been crucial in swaying the public and forcing them to focus on the inhumane aspects of the death penalty by examining the amount of innocent people that are put on to death row. The news media is thus shaping the way people view capital punishment and making it seem like a bad thing. Although, the news media has helped efforts to abolish capital punishment, it has also hindered them by creating frenzy like news stories calling for death row on prominent cases such as Casey Anthony’s.
The News Media Have Helped Efforts to Abolish Capital Punishment In the 1990’s, capital punishment was widely supported by the general American public with almost 70% of people being supportive of the procedure. That all changed at the turn of the…

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