Capital Punishment Essay: What Is Wrong With Killing People?

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1. Ewin. 1972. What Is Wrong with Killing People? The Philosophical Quarterly Summary: This article looks at the fact that no one from the viticm to the murder their self wins from the death penalty. The author explains that this form of punishment is unnecessary and pointless. One great point of any was that the murder him or her are no truly suffering by dieing, and if anything they are not having to deal with what they've done. Dying is simple, living and being forced o reflect on what has been done is the real punishment.

2. Elliott and Robinson. 1991. Death Penalty Attitudes and the Tendency to Convict or Acquit: Some Data. Law and Human Behavior Summary: This article studies the opinions and arguments behind the death penalty,
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Radelet and Borg. 2000. The Changing Nature of Death Penalty Debates. Annual Review of Sociology. Summary: This academic reviewed journal discusses the way incapacitation caprice, cost,innocence, and retribution all surround the outcome of the death penalty. The authors analysis the way historical and Americans debates are changing the meaning of the death penalty; and how these facts, opinions, and arguments are pushing towards killing the death penalty.

4. McAdams. 1998. Racial Disparity and the Death Penalty Law and Contemporary Problems Summary: This article covers the facts and ideas as to way the death penalty surrounds racism. This journal talks a lot about whether the problem with the death penalty is that it is racially unfair. The authors discusses the fact the that death penalty is just another for whites to have control over blacks.

5. De Boef and Boydstun. 2009. The Decline of the Death Penalty and the Discovery of Innocence. The Journal of Politics. Summary: This article aims to raise awareness for the number of innocent people who are murdered everyday by the death penalty. the support from citizens can decrease the number of death being done by the courts ruling alone. This a major issue in the U.S because innocent people are convicted of crimes they didn't commit daily; which is just another way for the government to kill of the

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