Capital Budgeting Essay

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FIN 390 Assignment
Capital Budgeting Mini Case

Instructions: The assignment is based on the mini case below. The instructions relating to the assignment are at the end of the case.
Lucy Hawkins and Andy Chen are facing an important decision. After having discussed different financial scenarios into the wee hours of the morning, the two computer engineers felt it was time to finalize their cash flow projections and move to the next stage – decide which of two possible projects they should undertake.
Both had a bachelor degree in engineering and had put in several years as maintenance engineers in a large chip manufacturing company. About six months ago, they were able to exercise their first stock options. That was when they decided
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They estimated that they would receive around $800,000 for this. It would probably not be reasonable to expect much more as neither their product nor their innovative approach had a track record.
They could then invest in some plant and equipment that would test silicon wafers for zircon content before the wafers were used to make chips. Too much zircon would affect the long-term performance of the chips. The task of checking the level of zircon was currently being performed by chip makers themselves. However, many of them, especially the smaller ones, did not have the capacity to permit 100% checking. Most tested only a sample of the wafers they received.

Lucy and Andy were confident that they could persuade at least some of the chip makers to outsource this function to them. By exclusively specializing in this task, their little company would be able to slash costs by more than half, and thus allow the chip manufacturers to go in for 100% quality check for roughly the same cost as what they were incurring for a partial quality check today. The life of this project too is expected to be only about five years.
The initial investment for this project is estimated at $

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