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Google’s main brands in a GE Matrix

University of Lincoln Author: Submission date: Subject: Words: Max Adler 11th January 2010 International Marketing Strategies / MKT 3084 3018

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List of figures 1 Introduction 2 Google’s major brands 2.1 Search engine 2.2 YouTube 2.3 Chrome Browser 2.4 Maps, Earth and Street View 2.5 AdWords and AdSense 2.6 Other Google brands 3 Portfolio analysis via matrices in the 21st century 3.1 Why portfolio analysis? 3.2 Portfolio analysis and Google 3.3 Companies like Google 4 Conclusion Reference List

II 1 2 2 3 4 5 5 6 7 7 8 10 11 III


List of figures

Figure 1: McKinsey / General Electric Matrix Figure 2: Google’s brands in a GE Matrix

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Most of their projects are projects which the world has never seen before (Chaffey et al., 2009, p.3).

This piece of work organizes Google’s major brands in a GE-Matrix in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of them. Furthermore the products are evaluated to prognosticate their future in this company. Finally there is a short outline about the sense and the value of these portfolio models in the 21st century.


Figure 1: McKinsey / General Electric Matrix

1. Leader; 2. Growth Leader; 3. Try harder; 4. Cash generation; 5. Proceed with care; 6. Double or quit; 7. And 8. Phased withdrawal; 9. Withdrawal Source: Doyle and Stern, 2006, p.110-111

2 2.1

Google’s major brands Search Engine

The heart of Google is still the search engine. It started in 1998 and nowadays it has a market share of almost 90% in Europe and about 60% in the USA. The main competitions of this search engine are Yahoo and Microsoft Bing. Yahoo has 21% of market share in the USA and 3% in Europe. Bing has 10% in the USA and 3% in Europe as well. There are many other small search engines which either use the database of one of the three market leaders or have a market share of less than 1%.

The market of search requests will grow another 10% in 2010, so the three market leaders keep fighting for every percent of market share. The attractiveness of this

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