Influence Of Power, Politics, And Culture

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Position Paper: Power, Politics, & Culture
Bakr Russell
Dr. Ross
BUS 520
Position Paper: Power, Politics, & Culture
Influence of Politics and Power
The activities, policies, and actions used to gain and maintain power within the government is what is known as Politics (Weatherby, 2006). Canon Inc has been vocal when it comes to keeping their business and sales on an international spectrum. The leadership from Canon Inc justifies her actions by offering better quality products than their competition at better consumer friendly prices as well. It may seem as if Canon Inc is taking advantage by keeping their company international but keeping the company international provides 45% more jobs in the USA for importing the goods of the company
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Being the CEO of the world’s number one camera and lens manufacture the theory of six degrees of separation does not apply to him. Any one he needs to get in contact with is more than likely a saved contact in his mobile device. Also, being the CEO, he would have the best chance of influencing the company’s policy on a political level. Canon Inc has been accused of practices that contradicted their image to the public eye in the past. This is a prime example of coercive power. Goals of the company should be able to be attained without employee’s jobs being at risk. The best way to achieve success in a company is to keep happy and well-motivated employees that do not have a coercion form management. The upper level officers and managers of Canon Inc get perks and bonuses based on the upward performance of the company. The same practice trickles down to the lower level employee’s as well, but on a smaller scale. The better the rewards afforded to employees for good performance metrics the better employee morale and overall company performance. Referent and Expert power go hand and hand. While referent power is to the tone of improving and strengthening the relationships between management and employees, expert power utilizes those strong relationships to build the company’s image to appeal to the …show more content…
The world monitors the actions of the company as well as the leaders of the company. When workers in the USA publicly complained about the pay they were receiving from Canon Inc and how the health care plan wasn’t sufficient, within the company mountains moved to ensure the employees were happy with what the company was affording to

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