Essay on Cancer Is The Leading Cause Of Death

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Cancer is the leading cause of death in the world and causes more than 13 percent of deaths each year (Gale). Cancer is a term for a disease that can take place in any part of the body. Doctors have come up with multiple risk factors that can lead to the development of cancer and a number of successful treatment and prevention strategies, many types of cancer can’t be cured and much still remains a mystery (Gale). There are many risk factors that are often linked to cancer. External factors include the toxins in the environment, cigarettes, alcohol, and radiation can cause it (Gale). Being out in the sun too much can cause skin cancer, especially if you don’t use sun screen (Gale). People can also develop cancer through genetics. Scientists have found gene variations that shows a strong link with breast cancer (Gale). These gene variations run in families and unfortunately can’t be prevented. There are still many other unknown causes that remain a mystery to the development of cancer (Gale). Although it may not be clear as to why one gets cancer, it is clear what the disease is. Cancer results from the abnormal growth of malignant cells. When the body needs new cells it produces them (Gale). When it no longer needs cells, they die (Gale). “Cancer cells do not provide any positive function for the body. Instead, they impinge on normal body function (Gale).” Cancer first appears in a growth called a tumor before spreading to other parts of the body. It does this in a process…

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