Essay on Canadian Identity : American Identity

1424 Words Mar 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
Canadian identity, many Canadians, from high school students to prime ministers have tried to find the meaning of those two words. What is this Canadian identity, what makes it so much harder to define that of other countries? Many Canadians have dedicated lifetimes of work trying to find the one special thing that makes Canadians Canadian. But, perhaps there is no just one thing that makes up the whole of Canadian identity. The many different variables that make up the country of Canada make it very difficult to define the true Canadian identity. In a way to define what it is that truly makes up the Canadian identity is to say that one must envelop what their country stands for while at the same time finding meaning in what is not Canadian. As with all people, countries, and cultures an identity is usually distinguished by the explicit things they do. The first step towards defining the Canadian identity is to take a barebones look at Canada itself. When Canada is mentioned there are certain things that come to mind. Land, Canada holds the title of the second largest country in the world. Canada’s vast, wild, and beautiful landscapes are definitely a symbol of the country. The land can help define Canadian identity in two ways. The first of which is the Canadian people’s reverence for the land. Canada boasts a total of 43 national parks covering more than 377,000 km2 of land. This gives Canadians a reason to be proud of their country, and a reason to maintain and…

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