Canadian And The Canadian Healthcare System Essay

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My issue is the main overview of Canadian healthcares important and popular topics, it goes over things such as the history and changes over time, the Canadian system compared to the US, The youth system and mental disorders, and the hidden fees/costs of Canadian healthcare. These topics are important because they affect many Canadians through costs, common disorders, and the wait times. I used many sources including some from the government and many .ca sources showing they are relevant and reliable, other sources are from .com sources which are still very reliable just potential less relevant because they aren 't Canadian.

The Canadian healthcare system has gone through many changes throughout the years of its existence. Healthcare 's first big stepping stone was an insurance system for citizens health. From 1947 to 1965 big companies and politicians were fighting about the insurance policies. The big companies and doctors thought it was unfair and unnecessary for these policies, Paul Martin Sr the minister of National Health introduced these policies and succeeded. The next big change in the history of Canadian healthcare was extra billing from the doctors at the hospitals. People were not happy, “Canadian Labour Congress convenes the SOS Medicare conference to fight extra-billing and joins with community groups to form the Canadian Health Coalition”. By 1984 which was less than ten years after extra billing started there was a unanimous decision by parliament to ban…

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