Canada 's Colonization Of This Land 's Original Peoples And Their Consequences

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“It is clear that the schools have been, arguably the most damaging of the many elements of Canada’s colonization of this land’s original peoples and, as their consequences still affect the lives of Aboriginal people today, and they remain so.” In the 1870’s the Canadian government partnered up with several different churches to make residential schools for Aboriginal children. The intent was to assimilate, educate and integrate Aboriginal children into Canadian society. The government used the term “to kill the Indian in the child.” Children were forced to do manual labor and were often fed poor food. There are reports of children being served moldy, maggot infested food. Other experiences were sexual and mental abuse; beatings and severe punishments; overcrowding, some children were even forced to sleep outside in the winter. The schools also used the students in medical experiments. A lot of children died in the schools due to these conditions. There are some reports of positive experiences from the survivors but in an overall it’s all negative experiences. After those survivors left the schools, it wasn’t uphill from there. The effects were lasting. The survivors suffered from living their lives in an environment that didn’t teach them basic knowledge that the majority of Canada knows such as parenting skills, simple math, and supporting themselves. Besides knowing basic knowledge these survivors never got to learn and stay connected to their heritage. First Nations…

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