Essay on Canada 's Biggest Concern

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Canada 's biggest concern encompasses the degree of power to which the Prime Minister is in possession of, coupled with the matter of proper implementation. Accordingly, a survey conducted by Nanos Research displayed results which state 42 percent of Canadian 's believe that the PM should have less power. In extension, polls attest that concerns regarding too much power within the PM stand considerably higher than concerns within any other section of the government (Clark, 2012). In order to adequately comprehend the troublesome overabundance of power placed upon the Canadian Prime Minister, the following four components are to be understood; the influence of Supreme Court judgments, the responsibility of appointing both cabinet ministers and senators, as well the display of reserve power, coupled with the control of party discipline.

For starters, the government is typically known for a shortage of confidence from the populace; wherein public opinion asserts that more often than not, the government cannot be trusted. To further elaborate, according to EKOS survey, 53 percent of Canadians support this belief (Connoly, 2016). Thus, from the widely-held notions of Canadian citizens, the concerns as to whether the government plays a role in Supreme Court rulings is effectively highlighted. To further elaborate, there transpired speculation surrounding the role of the executive branch in the Supreme Court decisions while under discretion, in spite of judge 's political…

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