Essay about Canada Goose

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Role and Time
• June 2008, Dani Reiss (president and owner of Canada Goose Inc.)
• Continue to expand the brand
• Maintain Canada Goose as a luxury sport jacket brand in the premium market
• Maintain his business relationships with his original and most loyal distribution partners
• Wants the decision to fit with the company’s current marketing strategy (very low-key strategic, relies on quality and word-of-mouth)
• Focus on future product development and which retailers will support that
• Whether or not to expand into new nation-wide retailers and which retailer to go with
• Which demographic are they going to target and how will they reach them
• Opportunity 1: Women’s
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ganic growth through strategic marketing o Have the manufacturing capacity to handle product expansions (said product development is an important focus)
• Products promote both style and functionality
• Status symbol as a premium product from a luxury brand
• Mainly grassroots, low-key, very strategic, deliberately authentic and not flashy o Has been extremely successful in growing the brand the way we want it so far, therefore changing marketing strategies poses the risk of overexposing the brand and eroding the exclusivity of it that has made it so attractive to customers
• Our competitive advantage: authenticity, commitment to only produce in Canada


Opportunity 1: Asmuns Place
• Recognized as a very high-end store among most Canadians, very prestigious
• 10 retail stores across Canada (moderate number of stores to start in) in largest cities which is exactly what we want
• Weekdays attracted mainly women but weekends see both men and women (do get both genders buying)
• Agreed to use the 100 per cent markup which is consistent with our current selling prices, seems they won’t discount which is good
• Want to feature CG in print advertisements which goes against our marketing philosophy
• Advertisements will be mailed out through the loyalty program which could reach anyone, but just the target customer o Not a huge issue, although anyone can join the loyalty

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